The #1 Most Popular Benefit is Quick Weight Loss

Without a doubt, the quick weight loss results are the main reason the hydraulic circuit training concept has grown to over 80-countries.


Twenty-five years before the first Curves For Women franchise opened in South Texas, high school football players were the only ones enjoying the benefits of hydraulic strength training. By the mid-70's the Chicago Bears, an Olympic Hockey Team, NBA players, and Professional Boxers were also using the Hydra-Gym equipment to gain the advantage over competition. Today, Fluid Resistance Strength Training has a much broader market because of the quick results and the many benefits. 

The unique attributes of hydraulic resistance equipment has attracted a diverse group of people for over 40-years including those seeking Quick Weight Loss Results. 

Weight loss clinics and fitness programs that guarantee fat loss have incorporate it into their programs to help clients quickly accelerate fat loss and painlessly increase lean body mass. 

International Health Club chains have used it for express circuit workouts that attract busy professionals and for high intensity interval training (HIIT). Long-term studies show that the HIIT workout format produces a greater loss in subcutaneous adipose tissue (fat under the skin) compared to prolonged cardio sessions. 

The ease of use and quick fat loss results of hydraulic interval training are the primary reasons this circuit workout concept grew to more than 20,000 health clubs in just a few short years. 

From 1990, to-date, there have been tens of thousands of women fitness centers and express circuit workout clubs that have exclusively used the fluid-resistance equipment as their business model. Here are just a few: Curves for Women International, Fit Express International., It Figures Fitness International,  Figures of Canada, Mexico, Spain, and Brazil, Shapes International, Ladies Workout Express, PACE Health Clubs, Express Fit Franchise, Slender Lady Franchise, Butterfly Life Fitness Franchise, Siluets of Spain and France, Shake and Shape of Singapore, Shapes Xpress, Go Figure, and many others. 

These business model's have helped millions of people that would not normally join a conventional gym get in shape and lose weight FAST !

Results in just 6-weeks!

In just 18-sessions that were only 30-minutes each, 79 women, ages thirteen to sixty-four, lost 497-inches, and 553-pounds of fat! 

They also gained an incredible 200-pounds of calorie burning muscle! 

The average inches lost in the first 6-weeks was 24-inches!

#2 Most Popular Benefit is Less Pain

AeroStrength debunks the myth of no-pain-no-gain, and the results are astounding!

AeroStrength's resistance is supplied by a hydraulic cylinder which is filled with fluid. There is smooth fluid resistance in both directions, the push and the pull. The result is a double concentric (positive) contraction of the muscles. The lack of an eccentric (negative) contraction results in less stress on the joints during the exercise and little-to-no soreness in the muscles after the exercise.

Most soreness is the result of applying resistance (load) when lengthening a muscle. The lengthening of a muscle when applying resistance is called an eccentric (negative) contraction. There are no negative contractions with AeroStrength only positive! This is strength training without the pain! 

LESS SORENESS AND LESS RISK OF INJURY IS VITAL to athletes and seniors alike.

There are no iron weights or elastic bands that could accidently slip from your hands. If you let go of the handles on the AeroStrength machines most of the handles will stay exactly where you left them, some may slowly glide downward as the fluid runs back through the cylinder.

There are no jerky movements, no need for a spotter, and no reason to worry about the mishaps of conventional strength training. Personal trainers and Therapists love the fact that their clients don't need constant supervision to avoid hurting themselves.

The equipment is simple to use. The resistance dials are large and easy to turn. There are no pins to try to fit into a hole on a stack of weights or complicated electronic buttons to push. 

It is designed for easy-on and easy-off. The entire line-up fits nearly every size of adult. Only 1-piece has an adjustment that takes 2-seconds to make. That piece is the Leg Extension-Knee Curl that adjusts to individual leg length.


A very deconditioned person and an elite athlete can workout on the same equipment on the same resistance setting because the resistance is controlled by the velocity and force of the user. 

The faster you go and the more force you push and pull with the more resistance the cylinder provides. The more force applied by the user, the more the resistance increases. 

When a person applies less force or goes slower the fluid moves more easily through the cylinder's valve. The result is a perfect match of resistance to the individual's strength at all angles throughout the movement.

When an athlete (or anyone) begins to fatigue there is no need to stop because the resistance gets easier.

Now anyone can finish the set! This is a huge benefit to athletes in training and anyone that needs the motivation of accomplishment!

Experience less pain with AeroStrength Hydraulic Fluid Resistance Strength 
Training Equipment
Experience less pain with AeroStrength Hydraulic Fluid Resistance Strength Training Equipment

#3 Most Popular Benefit is the EXPRESS WORKOUT


More and more researchers are reporting that short bursts of intense exercise sessions produce similar results as the traditional longer-duration workouts. 

Some recent studies report great benefits from 10-minutes of intense exercise a few times per week. Other researchers are reporting great results from only 5-minutes per day!  (If you'd like to read more research about the benefits of short workouts, contacts us. We'd be happy to supply you with these resources.)

The benefits of the EXPRESS WORKOUT is nothing new to us! Our customers and their clients have been experiencing amazing results for over 20-years!

If you don't want to spend hours per week exercising but you still want to get in shape, then you've come to the right place. 

AeroStrength painlessly strengthens multiple muscle groups while you also reap the benefits of cardiovascular exercise. 

More now, than ever before, people are joining gyms only to realize how difficult and time consuming it really is. Sadly, they drop out after only a few months because they don't see real results. 

Now, with AeroStrength, you can stay motivated! Why? Because you'll see results in only a few short sessions!

Fitness Business Owners, your members will LOVE THE QUICK RESULTS AND THE FUN SHORT WORKOUT. They will stick to their program longer and start telling their friends!  

The Express Fitness Circuit offers full-body strength training and a cardio workout at the same time
The Express Fitness Circuit offers full-body strength training and a cardio workout at the same time

Body Balance & Flexibility

The Overlooked Benefits of Fluid Resistance Training

Not only will your members burn more calories and save time, they will realize an increase in flexibility and have better body balance.  These are the often overlooked results of exercising on fluid resistance machines.

Each machine works opposing muscle groups resulting in better muscular balance which affects overall body balance. You no longer have to remember to work the back muscles after you've worked the chest muscles; with AeroStrength you work both of them at the same time.

Although, fluid resistance training may not stretch you like yoga or Pilates it strengthens the full length of muscle which can make you more flexible. It is much like swimming. 

Strength is increased throughout the full length of the muscle as the resistance dynamically matches the force applied throughout every angle of the movement. This can also lessen your risk for injury since your muscles are strengthened (not over-stressed) from end to end.