AeroStrength is "just right exercise" that dynamically matches the individual user's strength.

The Benefits of Hydraulic Resistance Strength Training are: 

Smooth Fluid Movements

Easy on Joints

Little-To-No Muscle Soreness

Less Risk of Injury

Better Muscular Balance 

And The Most Popular Benefit Of All Is The Accelerated Calorie Burn!

Whether you are just starting an exercise program, or you're training for competition, 

Results Don't Come Any Easier or Faster Than This! 

AeroStrength Leg Ext-Knee Curl

(To see the Unilateral Leg Ext-Knee Curl for Athletic Performance click HERE.) This machine is also called Quad Extension, Quad/Ham, Leg Curl, and Hamstring Curl.

The Leg Ext-Knee Curl has an adjustable seat back to accommodate any leg-length. Another accommodating feature on most all of our machines is that you can stop the lever arm at any place in the range-of-movement. This allows a person with limited range of movement to enter and start at their comfort point. These features make it perfect for rehab applications and senior fitness.