The Power Max 360 is the Ultimate in Full-Body Strength and Cardio Training

The Power Max 360 was designed for elite athletes that desire to train with RESISTANCE AND SPEED to increase EXPLOSIVE POWER. This machine has also been called an AeroStrength Core Power, Dual Power Maxx, Power 360, Hydraulic Power Sticks, The 360 Machine, 360 Cross Trainer, Surge 360, The Core Trainer, and the Power Punch-Jab-Kick Trainer.

Since the 1970's many Gold medal Olympians, World Champion Boxers, and NFL Hall of Fame Inductees, have trained on Hydraulic Fitness machines originally manufactured by Hydra-Gym Athletics. Today, hydraulic resistance training is still in demand and becoming even more popular with a variety of athletes including PGA golfers, MMA and UFC fighters because of the unique benefits.

The Power Max 360 offers an unlimited freedom of movement that safely builds multi-directional strengthAerobic power, muscle endurance, explosive power, and even flexibility are dramatically enhanced in a short period of time.   

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