The Dual Power Max 360 is the Ultimate in Full-Body Strength and Cardio Training

The Power Max 360 was designed for elite athletes that desire to train with RESISTANCE AND SPEED to increase EXPLOSIVE POWER. 

This machine has also been called an AeroStrength Core Power, Hydra-Gym Dual Power Max, Power 360, Hydraulic Power Sticks, The 360 Machine, 360 Cross Trainer, SURGE 360, The Core Trainer, and the Power Punch-Jab-Kick Trainer.

Since the 1970's many Gold medal Olympians, World Champion Boxers, and NFL Hall of Fame Inductees, have trained on Hydraulic Fitness machines originally manufactured by Hydra-Gym Athletics. Today, hydraulic resistance training is still in demand and becoming even more popular with a variety of athletes including PGA golfers, MMA and UFC fighters because of the unique benefits.

The Power Max 360 offers an unlimited freedom of movement that safely builds multi-directional strengthAerobic power, muscle endurance, explosive power, and even flexibility are dramatically enhanced in a short period of time.   


Watch this great video ofa Group Training Class on the 360!

One instructor runs a large group interval class on the 360 machine. All ages and fitness levels can exercise in the same group because the hydraulic system matches individual strength and speed. Everyone can work at their own pace. 

360 Demonstration and Interview by Fitness Equipment Cafe

Fitness Equipment Cafe interviews Nick from EYE Fitness. You will see a full demo throughout the video, as Nick explains the Surge 360 (aka Dual Power Max 360) and how gym operators can apply it to the group fitness setting.

Watch this great video with Mike Durant and AJ Hawk!

Aaron James "A. J." Hawk is a former American football linebacker who played 11 seasons in the National Football League. He was drafted by the Green Bay Packers fifth overall in the 2006 NFL Draft and he would later win Super Bowl XLV with the team over the Pittsburgh Steelers. AJ used our 360 machine in his strength and conditioning program for good reason. Check it out. 


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