The Power Runner



Builds Explosive Power That Builds Champions



  • For the first time, athletes can specifically work the hip flexors and hip extensors at high velocities WITH LESS RISK OF INJURY and receive the maximal resistance at every point throughout the range of motion in a reciprocating concentric exercise. 
  • Gravity-free strength training and the self-accommodating nature of our resistance cylinders provides the same 100% resistance that the user is capable of producing, with no joint compression.
  • The Power Runner allows the athlete to work the antagonistic muscle groups with high velocity sets that provide reciprocally concentric resistance with maximal loading at every angle throughout the range of motion.
  • The Power Runner is the only machine that is able to provide functional isokinetic resistance, which gives the athlete the ability to exercise at high velocities, with maximal loading throughout the range of motion and specifically target those muscles of the hips and legs that produce power and explosiveness in athletic performance.

This machine has 2-cylinders, one for each leg. Each leg's resistance is independent of the other. This machine is very versatile and can be used in many ways. It has also been referred to a Speed Trainer, Pro Runner, Multi-Leg, Quad/Ham, Glute/Hip, Glute Press, Hip Flexor, and Speed Runner. 

Watch the video that Hydra-Gym posted about the speed group.

For optimal athletic performance! Variable speed omnikinetic resistance gives you all the advantages of variable resistance & variable speed. Optimize muscular rate of force (RFD) development for explosive power and optimal performance. Conditioning for all 3 major energy systems, the lactic acid, alactic and aerobic.


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Fast Fun Fitness has combined aerobic exercise and strength training in every machine. It's called AeroStrength!