The Many Benefits of Fluid Resistance for Physical Therapy

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Compact - Gentle - Safe

  • Less muscle soreness
  • Less stress on joints
  • Less risk of injuries
  • Better body balance
  • Added cardio benefit
  • Increased flexibility

Sports Injuries to Elderly Wellness

All ages, from youth to the very aged will benefit from the no-stress exercise on AeroStrength hydraulic fluid resistance equipment.  

Accommodating Resistance

The Accommodating Fluid Resistance provides smooth movements in both directions, the push and the pull making it as gentle on joints as swimming. 

No Muscle Soreness - Better Balance

The Dual Concentric muscle contractions means there's less muscle soreness. When a patient has less pain they are more willing to continue. Further, strengthening opposing muscle groups at the same time creates better body balance, AND IT'S EASY!

Strength and Flexibility

The Accommodating Resistance is safer than constant resistance. It matches the speed and force of the user through the entire range of motion thereby strengthening the entire length of the muscle.  This not only makes the muscle functionally stronger, but it also has an impact on joint flexibility. 

Range of Motion and Safety

The Hydraulic Fluid Resistance changes dynamically throughout the range of movement. As the patient fatigues, instead of the patient limiting their range of motion or quitting, they  are able to decrease their effort and complete the range of motion, much like in a swimming pool. As the patient moves slower, the resistance gets lighter allowing them to finish their timed interval or number of reps.

If the patients drops the handle or cannot continue the movement and let's go, there is no risk of injury. The the lever arms stay where they are left or slowly float back to the down position allowing the patient instant relief. 

Save Space - Save Money

The Compact Machines have a small footprint that offers a huge space savings advantage. Each unit is the equivalent to two conventional machines making it even more cost effective. 

Our most popular machine with Physical Therapists is the Multi-Gym. AeroStrength Multi-Gyms 6-in-1+ is equivalent to eight conventional machines! 

Check out this compact and ultra-comfortable Multi-Gym here.

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