The Single Power Max360 is the Ultimate in Full-Body Strength and Cardio Training

 The Single Power Max 360  Requires Total Core Muscle Engagement 

With 50 Compound Movements

The Power Max 360 uses continuous resistance to force users to push and pull using over 50 compound movements requiring total core muscle engagement. It is a ground-based training system that trains movements from the feet up and connects muscular chains that increase strength and balance. 

The resistance dynamically matches the user’s strength at all angles throughout the range of movement. It’s gravity free, so there’s no external loading on joints, muscles and connective tissue. This makes it safer and more enjoyable than other forms of strength training.

The Single Power Max 360 offers an unlimited freedom of movement that safely builds multi-directional strengthAerobic power, muscle endurance, strength, and even flexibility are dramatically enhanced in a short period of time.   

This machine has also been called The Core Trainer, Surge 180, Power Maxx 180, Power 360, Hydraulic Power Sticks, The 360 Machine, 360 Cross Trainer, Surge 360, The Core Trainer, Hydra-Gym 180, and the Power Punch-Jab-Kick Trainer.